Beat The Traffic X is a magical way of using traffic data to face current challenges of urban mobility.

Making traffic disappear can be as easy as detecting it. Automated object detection using machine learning allows to identify and interact with mobility data. We analyzed traffic videos from around the world with our "Open Data Cam" technology. This shows us exactly what objects are identified, where they move and ultimately let's them disappear with a single click.

Submit your highscore if you manage to rescue your city from the avalanche of cars rolling through cities every day. The mobility wonderland you've created by transforming cars into unicorns, rainbows and trees isn't only magical. The cars you've transformed are finally converted into the amount of public transit needed to transport everybody sitting in these cars. For cities with less cars and more quality of life.

‘Open Data Cam’ is a DIY data creation tool.


Equipped with computer vision ‘Open Data Cam’ understands and quantifies moving objects. The free and simple DIY guide enables everybody to become an urban data miner. ‘Open Data Cam’ consists of a video camera attached to a mini computer running an interface which allows for counting detections within the video stream. For us the obvious use case for ‘Open Data Cam’ was to count vehicles at any given location.

Visual Design

Markus Kreutzer

Interaction Design

Markus Kreutzer

Website Frontend Engineering

Thibault Durand
Markus Kreutzer

Backend Engineering

Thibault Durand

Extended Team

Raphael Reimann
Florian Porada
Daniel Schmid


Raphael Reimann

3D Modeling

Herwig Scherabon

Dev Ops

Florian Porada
Thomas Derleth

Tooling and Scripting

Florian Porada
Benedikt Groß

License Plate Censoring

Dror Gluska

City Road Traffic Footage

Barcelona – Moritz Phleps
Berlin – Markus Kreutzer
Buenos Aires – Mariana Greif
London – Kristina Cranfeld
Los Angeles – David Leonard
Moscow – Piotr Erdman
New Delhi – Superfly Productions
New York – Joey Lee
Portland – Vivid Frame Media
Stuttgart – Markus Kreutzer
Tokyo – Hiroki Yokoyama

Tools & Libraries

React.js, next.js, canvas, yolo, node-yolo, node-track-moving-things